Green Pool Clean-Up

Go From a Green Pool to Refreshing Oasis with Pristine Pool Service and Repair

Has your pool turned green?
Don’t worry, it’s easy to have a green pool cleaned by the team at Pristine but the faster you take action the better off you’ll be.

  • A green pool is repulsive to look at
  • It’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria that pose a risk to your health.
  • Green pools that sit too long can stain the plaster of your pool.
  • If staining occurs you will have to drain the pool and apply a chlorine wash to remove the stain.     *Due to variances in staining, there is no guarantee a chlorine wash will remove all staining.

Efficient Remedies for Pools That Have “Gone Green”

The chosen remedy will vary based on the severity of the problem

Green Pool Chemical Shock

Can you see the bottom of your pool? If so, a chemical shock may be sufficient to remedy your algae problem. Over a 3-5 day period we apply an aggressive chemical shock, clean filters and brush all surfaces. Once the water is clear we rebalance the chemistry and you’re ready to swim.

Green Pool Complete Cleaning

If you can’t see the bottom of your pool you’ll need a more robust solution to remedy the problem. With our complete pool cleaning option we drain your pool and remove all dirt and debris. Next, we pressure wash and/or chlorine wash the interior surface, if needed. Once the interior surface is clean we refill the pool, rebalance the water, clean your pool filter and verify equipment functionality. Lastly, we add the start up chemicals and your pool is ready to enjoy again.

Who Utilizes Our Green Pool Clean Up Services

Anybody with a green pool really.... but here's who we serve most

Home Owners

Many homeowners attempt to clean up green pools themselves using various pool chemicals, but if you are not sure what you are doing you could end up spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. Why waste precious time and money learning the hard way when Pristine’s certified pool and spa operators will get your pool clean and balanced in no time.

Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent, you can use Pristine Pool Service and Repair for the quickest green pool turnaround in Fresno, Clovis and Madera Ranchos. The house may be immaculate but ignoring the unsightly green pool can have a big impact on how long it takes to make the sale and get your commission.

Foreclosure Pool Clean Ups

Pristine Pool Service and Repair has the experience to make the process of cleaning or caging a troubled pool as hassle free and painless as possible. From time constraints to bank required photos for billing, Pristine Pool Service and Repair is your go to company for foreclosure pool cleanups.

Green Pool Clean Up Options

Here are the features of our green pool clean-up options

Complete CleaningMost Popular

$ Price

Will Vary
  • Drain Pool Completely
  • Remove All Debris
  • Refill Pool
  • Rebalance Pool Water
  • Clean Pool Filter
  • Verify Equipment Functionality
  • Start Up Chemicals
  • Pressure Wash Interior Surface (If needed at an additional fee)
  • Chlorine Wash Interior Surface (If needed at an additional fee)

Chemical Shock

$ Price

Will Vary
  • Apply Aggressive Chemical Shock
  • Clean Filters, Brush Surfaces
  • Repeat over 3-5 Days
  • Rebalance Water Chemistry When Clear